liquid food transport services

Crete liquid food transport services

Paris Trans transports liquid foods in isothermal tankers at controlled temperatures. We organize the transportation and delivery of olive oil, wine, milk and dairy products for the food processing industry. We guarantee timeliness and reliability in the transportation of liquid food across Greece and the European Union. All tankers are maintained and cleaned at standards that surpass accepted industry standards. Our trucks and equipment are cleaned both before and after any shipment.

Total quality

Paris Trans provides transportation of liquid food products to meet and exceed our customer expectations. All liquid food tankers are fully insulated to preserve the products at the right temperature.

Industry standards

We pay special attention to keeping our tankers clean. We guarantee that after every change of liquid cargo trip the tanker will be thoroughly cleaned in accordance with technologies required for this cargo.

Professional liquid food transportation

For each cargo of liquid food we carry are specific requirements, with our extensive knowledge we will find the best solution for your company needs.

  • We specialize in domestic and international liquid food products.
  • We support our clients through customized and tailored made solutions.
  • We quarantee the safe and quick transportation of liquid food while preserving their quality