Paris Trans is specialising in transportation of liquid foodstuffs with tank containers from Crete to all over Greece and many countries of the European Union. All our food tankers are fully insulated to preserve the products at the right temperature.

Some of the materials that we transport are those that follow: Milk, Wine, Wine Less, Must, Vinegar, Olive oil, Seed oil, Juice, Glucose etc.

transportation of liquid foodstuffs

Our Mission

Paris Trans mission is to offer to its customers the flexibility to transport different qualities of products to different delivery points by retaining product quality during transportation.

Our Goals

  • Compliance with your standards.
  • Adaptability to the specific conditions of your liquid food transport.
  • Safe transportation of the goods to the customer’s specified location.
  • Immediate response to customer needs.
  • No matter where your products need to go, we’ll make sure they get there.
  • Provide competitive, reliable, and flexible transportation services.